Cone Beam CT


Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) digitally replicates the anatomy of the face, jaws, teeth and surrounding structures in three dimensions.

CBCT scans are typically higher resolution than traditional medical CT's, but are taken in a fraction of the time. Since the scan takes only seconds, your radiation exposure will be much reduced when compared to a traditional CT scan. The exposure is also less than traditional, non-digital dental radiographs.

A typical scan takes 8.9 seconds and in some cases, e.g. children, a diagnostic scan can be obtained in 4.8 seconds.











  • Implantsallows dental implants to be placed more precisely and also makes the surgery less invasive. Reduced trauma to surrounding tissues also means that you recover more quickly after the procedure 
  • Bone Grafts allows precise preoperative planning for bone grafts 
  • Wisdom Teeth allows precise visualization of vital adjacent structures such as the mandibular nerve during complicated wisdom tooth extractions 
  • Orthodonticsallows Dr. Young to coordinate treatment with your orthodontist and allows precise localization in orthodontic surgeries e.g when exposing or removing unerupted or supernumerary teeth 
  • Pathology and Trauma allows delineation of bony pathology and traumatic misalignment along with visualization of adjacent vital structures



Our in office CBCT scanner is more convenient and cost effective than a referral to a hospital or dedicated radiology clinic.