Orthodontic Procedures


Exposure and Bonding of teeth:

On occasion, teeth do not grow into position normally.  Not all stuck or ‘impacted’ teeth need removal - your dentist or orthodontist may elect to try and bring the tooth into proper alignment by asking Dr. Young to “expose” the tooth, removing the overlying gum and bone.  Another alternative involves Dr. Young bonding a bracket to the tooth with an attached gold chain after exposing it. This is known as an “expose and bond” using various springs or elastic bands your orthodontist will then guide the tooth into the mouth.


The procedures are very routine, however they can be somewhat invasive and are therefore best performed with you “asleep” typically under an IV sedation or general anesthetic. Surprisingly, postoperative recovery is typically very smooth.


“TADS” – temporary anchorage devices:

Orthodontics is like a tug or war. For your dentist or orthodontist to move your teeth he or she requires sufficient “anchorage.” A TAD is a small screw that is inserted into the bone around the teeth, typically under local “freezing.” After the orthodontist is finished moving your teeth the TAD will be removed. There is very minimal recovery time after this procedure.